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Make ANY Video Interactive & Pop in Few Clicks + Enjoy Unlimited Premium Video Streaming Free for Life

First ever interactive video player & dynamic video funnels builder... makes even videos hosted on YouTube look premium... this software is groundbreaking!


With 4KPlayer, You'll NEVER Pay for Video Hosting Again

And It Works for Videos Hosted ANYWHERE

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  • Unlimited ad-free hosting, storage & views
  • Remove YouTube restrictions & ads
  • Add unlimited interactive elements & call to actions in your videos
  • Premium video skins to make ANY video pop
  • Build dynamic video funnels
  • Brand videos with your logo
  • Advanced video customizations (resume play, password-protection, domain whitelisting, simulated life streaming & more)
  • Works with videos hosted ANYWHERE (YouTube, Vimeo, Adilo, Wistia, MP4 videos, Amazon s3 and more)

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Make Your Videos Pop

with beautiful skins & interactive video elements that get 500% more conversions

Imagine being able to take ANY video and customize it to look exactly the way you want regardless where the video is hosted or how their default player looks. You can take complete ownership of the video and make it yours.

With this amazing software, you can transform any YouTube video from a free content riddled with YouTube ads and logos and all sorts distractions to a premium looking video with a customized skin to match your brand, your own logo and it's completely ad-free.

You'll basically take any regular video on YouTube and make it premium and wow your audience, they would think you're using a $99/month video hosting service.

The power is almost magical!

But that's only the scratch of it.

The true genius of what we've built here is that you can take ANY video and make it INTERACTIVE in only few-clicks.

And it's really simple... let me show you.

Step #1:


Simply add videos from any source, we accept videos hosted anywhere... that's the beauty of 4KPlayer, you don't have to create from scratch or upload a new video, you can simply repurpose already existing videos.

Whether the video is hosted on YouTube, Wistia, Vimeo, Amazon s3 or self hosted MP4 and HLS videos, you're covered.

Step #2:


You can add multiple interactive elements to your videos.

You can add opt-in forms, password protect the videos, restrict the video to play on only specific websites, add html codes to your videos, make the video seem like live streaming and so much more.

Step #3:


Simply copy and paste our video embed code on your websites for your visitors to watch, engage and get converted. 4KPlayer videos can be embedded anywhere, WordPress, Shopify, Squarespace, Wix, GrooveFunnels, Leadpages, Clickfunnels and so much more.

If you don't have a website, we also give you a readymade page for each video, just share the link.


And for a limited time, today only... you can get lifetime access to this brand new software for a low one time fee.

You'll never have to pay for video hosting again and you'll never run out of bandwidth. 4KPlayer + YouTube allows you to enjoy unlimited video hosting and streaming free for life while still keeping your videos looking premium.

However there's a catch...

This special lifetime deal is only available today so if you don't sign up to the 4KPlayer lifetime deal now, you'll miss out and can't see this offer again.

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Starting Today, You'll NEVER Pay for Video Hosting Again

Forget about expensive video hosting subscriptions.

Forget about huge streaming fees and costly bandwidth charges.

4KPlayer changes the game for video marketers, content creators and businesses in a smart way that allows you to pay $0 (yes, I mean zero fees) to host and stream videos completely ad-free for life.

You don't need to pay $99 per month to enjoy professional ad-free HD video hosting, with 4KPlayer PRO... you can enjoy it for $0 fees.
You can keep your videos (unlimited videos) hosted free for life on YouTube
And use the 4KPlayer app to embed the videos.

This will give your videos premium feel, you'll remove all the YouTube distractions and have just a clean, video streaming to your audience on your own customized video player.

And it does same for Wistia, Vimeo, Amazon s3, WordPress and co.

All the benefits of Youtube WITHOUT all the limitations

Your videos stay hosted on YouTube, Vimeo or Amazon s3 Free. Embed the video in 4KPlayer and your audience can watch the video without distractions from YouTube ads, related videos, YouTube logo and all the limitations of a free video hosting.

There's NO CATCH - See Live Demo Below


Standard YouTube embed


YouTube video embedded using 4KPlayer
Looks good right? The 4KPlayer embed is looking very clean and profession

You'll play your YouTube videos using 4KPlayer and see them look like a million-bucks as if you're paying $129/month for professional business video hosting, this will make clients and website visitors trust your business more and buy from you.

We'll automatically remove all the things you hate about YouTube, no ads stealing your traffic, no YouTube logo redirecting your viewers, no stupid related videos distracting your viewers.

And lets not forget that you'll enjoy unlimited everything...
  • Unlimited Videos
  • Unlimited Storage
  • Unlimited Views
  • Unlimited Bandwidth (who's counting)

Interactive Videos 

Traditional videos are boring and when you host them on free hosting platforms, it's worse....

Your customizations are heavily limited, there's no wiggle room to really connect with your audience and sell something to them or get their leads.

Also these traditional videos tend to have a lot of distractions that will pull the attention of viewers to contents that you do not own and basically steal your traffic and potential customers.

Interactive videos changes all that...
The difference is clearly night and day.

With an interactive video player: 

- Videos are much cleaner and crisp
- No ads, logos or titles on your videos
- You can collect leads or sell products directly inside the videos, increase conversions and get more customers.
- You can customize the video player to look stunning and attract more visitors to click "PLAY" and watch your videos (more views, more engagements)

There are perfect for eCommerce videos, coaching videos, vlogs, e-learning videos, product promos, teaser videos, informational & how-to videos, stock videos, films & documentaries, webinar & event video replays

Get A Lifetime Access to 4KPlayer Today And Enjoy These Amazing Benefits

4 Beautiful Video Skins

Multiple stunning & attractive themes you can choose from to make your videos pop.

No more boring videos and ugly looking players.

When you embed your videos through 4KPlayer, you'll be able choose any of the 4 video player skin that best suits you. Each video player is 100% customizable with unlimited choice of colors.

Get creative and playful... we're here to make you look good.

Video Opt-in Forms & Lead Gates

Display opt-in forms directly on your videos and collect leads. Increase your lead generation efforts.

You can also use this to build lead gates that force views to opt-in before they can watch your video or show them a teaser, play 60 seconds of the video then force them to subscribe to keep watching.

This will triple your lead generation results instantly.

Call To Actions & Redirects

Promote offers directly inside your videos using call to actions and link to any website or landing page you want. 

Automatically redirect your viewers at the end of your videos to any sales offer or store you want.

HTML Video Elements

Use our HTML video element to build anything, the creativity is all yours. You can add maps, eCommerce coupon codes, call-out cards, QR codes and anything that you could imagine.

There's almost no limit to what you can do with the HTML video element builder.

Powerful Video Privacy

Control who can you watch your videos... we give you YouTube videos better protection than YouTube ever will.

And this makes using 4KPlayer ideal for online courses, paid membership sites and more.

Domain Whitelisting: Lock your videos so it will only play on the specified domains you choose (eg: your membership site only).
Password Locking: Lock your videos with password and only those you invited & gave the password can unlock and watch the video.

Resume Play

Display opt-in forms directly on your videos and collect leads. Increase your lead generation efforts.

You can also use this to build lead gates that force views to opt-in before they can watch your video or show them a teaser, play 60 seconds of the video then force them to subscribe to keep watching.

This will triple your lead generation results instantly.

Smart Pausing Technology

Powerful AI technology detects when a viewer is distracted from your video and automatically pause the video then automatically begins to play it once the viewer gets engaged again.

If a viewers scrolls away from the video or goes to the new tab, we know the viewer has become distract and pause till the viewer is engaged again.

Disable Pause & Hide Player Controls

Don't want viewers to pause your videos... DONE!

In 1 click, you can hide player controls and force video to stream exactly as you want it... crisp and clutter-free.

In another click, you can disable pause and your viewers are forced to engage with your videos, perfect for video ads and product promo videos.

Smart AutoPlay

Enable autoplay on your videos and have it automatically adapt to all browsers.

Our smart autoplay feature works for all modern browsers and all devices.

Floating Player

Stick your video to sidebar and keep your viewers engaged while they scroll through your landing page, website or blog, this ensures that you do not miss out.

Simulate & Mimic Live Streaming

People are conditioned to watch live videos and actually stay glued to their screens until it finishes... there's a real FOMO effect, you go for a bathroom break and you miss out the most important part, or you fail to tune in fast and you'll miss the whole show.

Social media apps and webinar event apps such as Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, Zoom, TikTok, Twitter, GoToWebinar have already done the heavy lifting and social conditioning, now with 4KPlayer... you can profit from this rush effect.

Make your viewers feel like they’re watching a live streaming, an event or live webinar even though its just your regular ‘ol video.

Just 1-click to enable our live streaming mimicker, then hide the video play bar, and disable pausing then boom you're good to go... Easy stuff!

Nobody will be able to tell the difference, this will help you increase urgency, get more views and get more sales across your campaigns. Drive video conversions through the roof with our live-like mimicker

And here's the best part...

Build Dynamic Video Funnels in Minutes

This is our best feature yet.

Even if not for any reason, this feature makes 4KPlayer entirely worth any price. You can take any ordinary video on YouTube, Vimeo or self-hosted MP4 and transform it to a powerful, highly converting video funnel.

Other video funnels builder charge you between $99 - $399 per month just to building personalized video funnels but today, its included free for you in our 4KPlayer and you get lifetime access today (no monthly or annual fees).

Create unique experiences for your viewers and let them interact with your content in such a personalized way to enhance engagement and increase conversions.

This real-time video personalization at a scale.

Use case example: if you are selling a fitness class, in your sales video... you can ask the viewer "Are You A Man or A Woman?" then based on the answer of the viewer, you can them 

Interactive video outperforms normal video at every turn, it gets higher engagement, high watch time and highest sales conversions. With 4KPlayer, you'll transform ordinary videos into interactive funnels

Interactive Videos
Are Simply BETTER

Increased Sales Conversions

Adding call to actions inside your videos will increase your video CTR by up to 100% compared to conventional videos.

Personalized Viewer's Experience

Consumers respond 3.8X more to videos and offers that are personalized to them and this increases tendency to make a purchase by up to 25%.

Faster & Automated Lead Generation

Adding call to actions inside your videos will increase your video CTR by up to 100% compared to conventional videos.

Increased Viewer Engagement

Keep your viewers on your content and increase completion rate by up to 50% when you use interactive videos.

Embed Your Videos Anywhere

4KPlayer gives you a html embed code that you can use to publish your videos on any platform you want.

Responsive & Adaptive on All Devices

Whether your audience are watching your videos from smart TVs, desktop, laptop, table or mobiles, we got you.

It gets even better...

You Don't Have To Own OR
Create A Video From Scratch

You Can Legally Profit From ANY Video Online...

Simply choose any video you fancy from YouTube or Vimeo, customize it and profit

You'll never run out of content to share with your audience and you can use this to build a massive email list without ever creating a single video content.

*Fair-use policy advised.

All These Available to You Today for a Low One-Time Fee

Simple one-time payment

If you're not satisfied, contact us within the first 14 days and we'll send you a full refund.

No monthly fees, no locked features... pay once and get access for life.

Choose Your Preferred License Now

NOTE: there's no option to upgrade or downgrade later so choose exactly the license you need

Your purchased today is 100% secured by our…


We are confident that you'll love this new piece of software coming from us and if you encounter any technical issue, we'll fix it for you.

If we're not able to fix it for you then ask for refund with 14 days and we'll refund you immediately... we've built a masterpiece software and we're confident you'll love it so your purchase today is 100% guaranteed.

Free "Premium" Video Hosting for Life

As a business owner or content creator creator who wants to take advantage of YouTube's free unlimited video hosting and enjoy it with all the benefits of a paid, premium video hosting platform, 4KPlayer is like a match made in heaven for you.

I want you to forget about the dynamic video funnels you can build with 4KPlayer, forget the beautiful video skins, the call to actions and all that for a minute and just focus on the real opportunity this new software presents you.

Video hosting is very costly, storage and bandwidth cost can blow a hole in your pocket.

But 4KPlayer changes all that, now you can host unlimited videos forever for free. You never have to worry about storage and bandwidth costs anymore. Keep your videos hosted 100% free on YouTube and use 4KPlayer to embed the videos on your website. We'll transform the videos and make it look like you're hosting them on a $299/month platform, overhaul with a new beautiful skin, remove Youtube logo & ads, brand it with your own logo, and give you lots of customizations for that premium feel.

However, there's one serious catch..

You Need Act FAST!

4KPlayer platform is a cloud SaaS platform and we normally charge monthly subscriptions to access it.

But for a limited time, TODAY ONLY... we're doing a lifetime sale!

This means that if you take action right now, you'll get lifetime access to 4KPlayer for a very low one-time fee.

No monthly or annual subscriptions.

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Plus An Exclusive Bonus For Joining Us Today

SnapByte Recorder

Unlimited HD Audio, Video & Podcast Recorder

If you sign up to 4KPlayer today, we'll give you a 100% free account on Adilo to access our SnapByte recorder app.

With this software, you can record your screen, camera and audio, you can also record only audios to create podcasts, soundtracks, audiobooks.

We offer unlimited length video recording up to 4K quality and you don't have to download or install anyways, the app works right in your web browser both on desktop and mobile.

And best part is you can send request links to anyone and they can record videos, audios and screencasts directly in their browsers, these recordings are saved in your projects... it's a perfect way to get video testimonials, collect feedbacks and more.

Adilo subscriptions sells for $29 - $149 per month but you'll get free access to use our SnapByte if you get the 4KPlayer lifetime deal today.

This exclusive bonus is only available to the first 100 customers that sign up today.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is 4KPlayer A Video Hosting Software?
No, this is not a video hosting software, you can't upload videos directly here. We're a video player software which means we provide video player for your videos hosted on other platform such as YouTube, Vimeo, Adilo, Amazon s3, Self Hosted MP4 videos etc.
What Is Difference Between 4KPlayer & Adilo?
It's important to note that 4KPlayer is video player, you use it to play videos hosted by other video hosting platforms such as YouTube, Adilo, Amazon s3, Vimeo etc. it allows you to customize the video skin, controls etc. However Adilo is an actual video hosting platform that stores and streams your videos just like Vimeo.
I Already Have Adilo, Do I Need 4KPlayer?
Yes, you do... 2 of them are not the same. If you have videos on Vimeo, Youtube or self-hosted videos then you need 4KPlayer... it will allow you to play the video professionally. You can also use 4KPlayer to play videos hosted on Adilo, this will allow you to use 4KPlayer video skins on your Adilo video giving it style.
It also has amazing features not available in Adilo such as Live Stream Mimicker and Interactive Video Funnel Builder.
Is 4KPlayer Still In Beta or Public?
Yes, 4KPlayer just launched privately and still in beta... it will still take a couple months before we launch publicly. As a software in beta phase... you may see 1 or 2 kinks/issues (just as expected in a beta software) but don't worry, all you need to do is report it to, we have dedicated development team on this project that will fix it shortly.
How Can I Trust This 4KPlayer?
We're BigCommand, the same company behind Adilo Video Hosting platform with over 17,000 active users and counting right now... Adilo has been serving the business community for many years now, we're not going away... your investment with us is secured.
Is It Not Theft Using 4KPlayer to Leverage Other People's Video?
4KPlayer is designed for your own personal and commercial use. However if you decide to use this software on videos uploaded by others (repurposing 3rd party content), you're advised to apply fair-use on their content and be sure the content creator is not unhappy with that, most creators of educational and entertainment videos do not mind this but proprietary information creators may feel different. Discretion is advised, it's recommended you reach out to content creator to ensure they're okay with you doing this.
Will There Support & Future Updates?
Yes, this software is actively supported and it has an ongoing development team so expect a lot of new features and updates.
Can I Store My Videos inside 4KPlayer?
No, you can't... we don't offer video storage, this is strictly a video player software not a hosting platform.
Can I Use 4KPlayer on Videos I Don't Own?
Yes, you can.
Will Your Views Here Be Counted on YouTube?
No, it won't be counted on YouTube since you didn't use their player but we keep a video analytics of your video plays so you can quickly know how much views 4KPlayer has gotten for you on each video.

Got questions? Email: